Who We Are

Bespoke Flags is a leading, professionally managed flag manufacturer and supplier in Dubai- UAE. As a leading flag supplier in the UAE, we have been making and selling flags for several years. Our modern facilities produce superior quality custom flags and pennants and stock flags in every size, color and format imaginable including huge building flags and fabrics. Bespoke flags is one of the few online flag dealers who is an authorized distributor for all of the major flag manufacturers. When it comes to making custom flags, Bespoke.

Why Us

At Bespoke flags, we produce premium flags with superior quality. In addition to flags and flag accessories, we create custom banners for schools, corporations, and individuals. All of our flags and accessories, including indoor presentation sets, are available for purchase. As we are well equipped with professionals, we can an quickly produce flags for any special event. Our tremendous inventory of ready-made national flags, sport flags as well as banner stands and pipe and drape, enables Bespoke Flags to supply flags, on a moment’s notice and on an as-needed, for events, film, hotel conferences, corporate meetings, government functions and celebrations.


Our Lovely Team

James Cooper
CEO, Bespoke Flags

Prior to joining Bespoke ,Cooper worked with Walmart. After having graduated from Madars University ,Mr Cooper moved to Texas University for his masters.

JD Scot
CEO, Bespoke Flags

He is the coo of Bespoke flags

Haris Morgan
CEO, Bespoke Flags

Mr.Paul is the driving force in Bespoke's expansion to the GCC nations